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The Issue of Kashmir

The Issue of Kashmir and the PassiveInternational Media

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Uniqueness of forum

IDEAS Forum believes in “nation” to be a living organism which would be healthy if its body orange is functioning properly.

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Objectives of forum

Development of a sense of nationhood among the masses, peace, justice, social order and harmony among the provinces

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Educational Services

IDEAS Forum will provide these services to equip the nation with power of knowledge so as to succeed in this competitive world.

Psycho-social Support

This particular channel will be used to make strong network for forum and this would be a source of creating awareness and a sense of responsibility among the masses.

Journalistic Services

Online forum will be a good channel to communicate with the members and the masses. This will develop a moral and patriotic nation.

Economic Services

This forum will provide economic services to get the country out of its economic slump. We have to excel in this globalized

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.

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The source of strength for quaid-e-azim to won Pakistan
was the aggregate muscle of all the Muslim tribes


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