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The internal situation in the country has ruffled many feathers in all the provinces but the rulers remain as unhinges as billionaires in an inflation-injected economy. The voracity of the rulers knows no limit and, like their predecessors, they are willing to sacrifice nation unity, intergrity. And sovereignty of Pakistan and also judicial system, economy, social and human development at the altar of super-pumped egos.

The irony is that it is the country and the people who are the ones most likely to feel the cramps while the majority of rules may wallow in the luxury and ill gotten gains they have managed to wrangle through devious and ‘sin-streaked’means.this this continuously aggravating situation has caused anomie and alienation among the masses and society has disorganized to a dangerous level awing to weak social institution. Ultimately, the panacea for all is to unite the nation on one platform that would cure all diseases and ameliorate nation’s competitiveness.

IDEAS FORUM (a team of intellectuals, devoted, enthusiastic, and aspiring, specialists of their own fields) is an ideological forum harmonious to ideology of Pakistan. This is a comprehensive umbrella project aimed at binging reforms in nation mentality and uprooting all sorts of injustices, inefficiencies, this crucial time demands us all to make an orchestrated efforts on emergent basis.

Objectives of forum

  • Security, integrity, sovereignty and solidarity of Pakistan
  • Development of a sense of nationhood among the masses, peace, justice, social order and harmony among the provinces
  • Development of strong and stable economy and entrepreneurial enterprises
  • Human development and development of professional skills and competitive values among the youth
  • Elimination of all sorts of intolerance from nation’s attitude
  • Promotion of democratic values to vote and to protest for the protection of their rights
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