President Ideas

Syed Mohsin Raza

“He who lacks system analysis approach often develops a narrower vision based on superficial knowledge”.

I believe in society to be a living organism in which the vital organs need to be working in an integrated fashion to harness maximum potential of the system necessary to make an operative, orderly, balanced and progressive community.

I am thoroughly impressed by the ecosystem concept in nature; the best guide and teacher of humanity. All the members play a specific role and can keep their individual identities with further prospects to achieve self-sufficiency for their immediate group.

Collectivism, sharing and time is infinite sources of nature found only in the lands free from avariciousness and when used responsibly can open unlimited avenues of progress. In fact, these lead to networking which is a must for channelization and the flow is the symbol of continuity which is more visible in social settings than in individual behaviors.

There are two stimulants for life, material world is dependent on external force to initiate some action and the social world requires communication to persuade someone for action. Rhythm and sequence are the footsteps to excellence.

These are the foundations of a great vision to evolve true professionalism which is further reinforced by the proper organization and management of these golden principles.

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Ideas Forum Agenda
7:30 AM – Ballroom and check-in opens
7:45 AM – Breakfast
8:15 AM – Introductions and presentation begins
9:15 AM – Introduction to local funders and financiers
9:30 AM – Questions and discussion