Ideas: Uniqueness of forum

IDEAS Forum believes in “nation” to be a living organism which would be healthy if its body orange is functioning properly. These body oranges have to work in an integrated and coherent manner for the well being of the whole system, otherwise everything will get detract from its orbit. Pakistan/s nation body comprises many parts but the four of them are very important.

  1. Bureaucracy ( heart if the nation)
  2. Students (blood of the nation)
  3. Teachers (Architect of the nation)
  4. NGOs (Immune system of nation)     

These orange will have to be involved in this national development process. Again this is like a magical circuit. If it does not complete, there will no electric or any power to drive the country and there will be no peace, justices, prosperity, stability and solidarity of Pakistan. The concerted efforts of bureaucrats and NGOs may open new avenues of studies. Social services and business ventures. Teachers will motivate students to take parts in matters of national importance. Students will maintain the peace in the society.  This forum provides a wide range of specialized socio-economic services to the masses. It has modern approaches to generate its financial recourses. It would use most effective communication patterns to penetrate in the society to gross root level.

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