The Issue of Kashmir and the Passive International Media

The Issue

Kashmir, the nuclear flash point between India and Pakistan, is being incited once more by the interminable reign of terror and genocide by the Indian forces. The agonized Kashmiris are agitated yet again by the attitude of indifference to the acknowledgement of their right for free and fair plebiscite. The delay in resolving the issue is strategically imperiling more than 1300 million stakeholders of South Asia in terms of peace, regional stability, climate, and regional potential for economic cooperation and development.In view of the world peace, it is imperative that the major global powers, social scientists, academics and vibrant journalists realize the gravity of current extremely tense situation and actively play their due role in initiating and retaining the process of CBMs, ceasing human rights violations and discerning the Kashmiris’involvement in the peace process.

  • Themes:
    In the first place, justifiably, the approach to understand, to address and to react to the issue must be impartial, humanitarian, comprehensive and scientific in manner. International Media have to unknot the issue by unfolding discussion of: a variety of approaches; various dynamics; multiple propositions; distinctive socio-political indicators; hence, to evaluate behavioral patterns and crisis of Kashmiri identity in the backdrop of particular public policy and governance methods greasing the wheels of state terrorism.
  • Plan:
    In total, the number of journalists from Indo-Pakistan will not be more than 7 people, per contra, maximum speakers will be invited from inside Germany to propagate Pakistan’s legitimate stance on the issue and to divert German Government’s attention to the dispute.Further details regarding date, themes, sessions, speakers, participants and even the format of the conference would be thoroughly discussed and decided.

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