Kashmir Conference: Journalists from India who are agreed

In this international conference, notably, it has to be explored how international media can help the two countries avoid friction in this contemporary phase of intense ill will rather reach some amicable solution in near future?

Indeed, the participants would recommend ways to move forward by investigating how can media be protected from becoming victim of dominant narratives and interests, eristic writers and commentators; the repugnant upholders of status quo?

Similarly, there is need to focus on how to deal with the incapacity and insipidity of media when it comes to complex situations like Kashmir?  Regrettably, this shortcoming has always put the media in strategic disadvantage to pave way for any sustained progress to reach some consensus on demilitarization of Kashmir to provide more space to native population; to acknowledge Kashmiri people‘s primacy in the triangle of dispute and to take measures to address their quest for recognition of their identity/cultural exclusiveness, ironically, outright manifestation of irrationality and immaturity at mediators’ end.

Participants of the conference:

List of journalists from India who are agreed to Pakistan’s stance-— 2 out of following would participate:

  • AjatSae
  • ShaziaIlmi
  • SohasniHaider
  • Manoj Sing

List of journalists from Pakistan — 4 to 5 out of following would participate:

  • MujeeburRehman
  • Hamid Mir
  • TalatHussain
  • Saleem Safi
  • RanaMubashir
  • MoeedPirzada
  • AsmaSherazi
  • ImtiazAlam
  • Jamal Shah
  • List of expected participents – 1 to 2 out of following would participate:
  • AyazSadiq
  • Sartaj Aziz
  • Tariq Fatmi
  • Gen. Abdul qayum
  • Gen. Abdul QadirBalooch
  • MaulanaFazalurRehman
  • German Journalists, politicians and the Scholars—would be invited for participation
  • The Issue
    Kashmir, the nuclear flash point between India and Pakistan, is being incited once more by the interminable reign of terror and genocide by the Indian forces. employees.
  • Themes
    In the first place, justifiably, the approach to understand, to address and to react to the issue must be impartial, humanitarian, comprehensive and scientific in manner.
  • Each Participant should contribute 4000 euroNote: Pakistan needs a successful international presentation to advance her stance on this controversy especially exercising Track II diplomacy in the form of some conferences and events. And having a successful event means you hit your desired target which actually demandsa proper, professional and a heavy participation by the opinion leaders– called a visible event.

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