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The concerted efforts of bureaucrats and NGOs may open new avenues of studies. Social services and business ventures. Teachers will motivate students to take parts in matters of national importance. Students will maintain the peace in the society.

This forum provides a wide range of specialized socio-economic services to the masses. It has modern approaches to generate its financial resources. It would use most effective communication patterns to penetrate in the society to gross root level.

Educational Services

IDEAS Forum will provide these services to equip the nation with power of knowledge so as to succeed in this competitive world. It will supports the needy students and provide them career counseling. Forum will establish

  • Research centre
  • Educational institute
Journalistic Services

Online forum will be a good channel to communicate with the members and the masses. This will develop a moral and patriotic nation. This communication pattern will help in establishing a magazine of forum. IDEAS Magazine will address of national importance to create national consensus and will discuss socio-economic issues of Pakistan to create general awareness among the masses.

Economic Services

This forum will provide economic services to get the country out of its economic slump. We have to excel in this globalized, neo-colonial and multinational culture and so we have to overhaul our economic system and introduce interest free loans for the promotion of cottage industry, motivational program to invest in agriculture sector and, exploit our national resources for the development of the country. This is an era of solar energy, bio-gas and other alternative energy resources so we have to do what we can do in this sector. An IT company has been launched that will provide internship to the students.

  • Forum will act as an investment center
  • Will provide financial consultancy
  • Will provide jobs in its IT sector business

Launch its own national product

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