Roles and responsibilities of members

Members should:

  • Motivate people to participate in this national development process
  • Promote Islamic values among the community
  • Organize Quranic classes in their homes
  • Counter social deterioration
  • Avoid sectarianism and discrimination of all sorts
  • Avoid internal conflicts
  • Avoid materialism
  • Identify problematic areas

Therefore, If the nation has to wrench itself from the morass of poverty, political instability,

Deep rooted corruption, proffered chaos, social deteriorations, human right’s violation, economic slumps and many more issues, the rules will have to crush their over-inflated egos and buckle down to the eradication of political corruption and reconstruction of the country on progressive line. Among the body organs of the nation, Bureaucrats should also cast away their colonial tags and respond more to the voice of conscience than to the whispers of expediency. Students and educated section should start their struggle with self-discipline and negative social forces will get dissipated. Teachers and intelligentsia should play their vital role, to politically educate the common people to sift the grain of reality from the chaff of rhetoric. In the end, courts of law and conditional clauses should not be made a hostage to sentimental flourishes and emotional plaudits because no nation can progress by following law of jungle.

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